Vacation to Brazil? Don't forget to visit these 4 beaches


Holidays to Brazil are not over without many beaches in the country. It has over 4,500 miles of coastline, the beaches of the country are plentiful, and is one of the most attractive travel spots for locals and visitors alike. Before you book your vacation here, learn about some of the most important places you visit. Visiting one of these may make your vacation memorable, but it is only part of what can be found here.

Beach Option # 1 Taipus De Fora

Taipus de Fora is one of the most popular beaches in the country. If you're traveling with kids, this beach is one of the best because the water's coral reefs are fairly close to the water, so kids can snorkel for the first time. You can rent snorkels, so don't worry if you don't own one. According to others, the night dive route is a lot of fun when the moon is full, because the light of the moon can be seen by divers, even if it is dark outside.

Beach Option # 2 Lagoinha De Leste

It can only be accessed by boat or by boat from the Lagoinha de Leste mountain in Santa Catarina. Cars are not allowed. Therefore, it is very lonely and perfect for couples who want to spend some time together. This closure means that it is important for visitors to bring their food, drinks and other necessities as there is no store. This location is also known as one of the best beaches for surfing, so it is not uncommon for surfers to walk on the Lagoinha de Leste wave. However, there is no lifeguard available, so be sure to swim and surf at your own risk.

Beach Option # 3 Beach Section

The section can only be accessed with a guide and is only visited by small groups. This means that visitors can truly have a personal experience at Atalaia Beach. The environment is protected, which means that sunscreen and other chemicals are not allowed. The end result is a beautiful reef where snorkelers can see hundreds of small fish and maybe even a shark or two.

Beach Option # 4 Arpoador, Rio De Janeiro

It is one of the most popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro's Arpoador. Here you will find surfers who show their strength and movements in the water. If you are looking for fishing, you can do it here, but professional fishermen can find the best places, as this is a popular fishing spot. It's a good idea to keep your belongings close because the area is known for its petty thefts, but visitors don't have to worry about violent crime.

Other beaches in Brazil

Although these four are popular, they are not the only ones in the country. These include Bonete in Sao Paulo, Bahia Caraiva, Lopes Mendes in Rio and Praia de Fazenda. There are only thousands of beaches lining the coast of Brazil that visitors can travel on vacation. If you are learning more about what a vacation in Brazil can offer, don't forget to check out what you want to do to go to the beach.