Forex Pip Sale – How Does It Work?

Getting cash point rebates that are returned to your trading account is a smart thing to do as a trader. You should be very interested in the commissions you pay to the broker and do its best to recover part of them into your account, giving you this advantage over many other traders and that […]

How are currency values ​​determined?

And who determines currency values? The answer to the second part is easy. The currency value is determined by the buyer of the currency. These are primarily travelers, governments and forex traders. FOREX stands for Foreign Exchange. There are many factors that currency traders, governments and companies take into account when determining the fair market […]

3 Principles of Forex Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of forex trading (also known as foreign exchange or foreign exchange), a methodology widely used in currency trading around the world, is based on three fundamental principles. The first principle is that the foreign exchange market currencies depreciate everything. The actual market price is a reflection of what is known to the market […]

Family holiday deals on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is May 9 this year; a date that is fast approaching. Mothers seem to be the glue that holds the family together. They repair scratched knees and repair broken hearts. They are looking for children, pets, a house, important others, and they never seemed to take a break. Family vacation on the road […]

Future Forex Trading

Forex profits on forex trading are great. The difference between the two instruments ranges from truth-seeking facts, such as the history of each, its objective viewers, and its importance in modern Forex markets, to more realistic issues such as transaction fees, margin necessities, access to liquidity, ease of use and technical and educational support that […]

What you should do when doing Forex analysis

In the basic Forex analysis, you are basically evaluating a business, stock market or Forex country. If you think it is difficult to estimate one company, you should try to evaluate an entire country. It may be difficult to do, but there are indicators that can be studied to give insight into how the country […]

What is Monero?

Monero is an open source encryption project that has better security and privacy than most virtual currencies. It is designed to give everyone the ability to control their money without the supervision of the government and the financial agency. Supported encryption techniques ensure that the spy has zero knowledge of your transactions. Who created Monero? […]

Introduction to England 101

As a writer, it seems that my desk collects piles of scribbled notes, papers, file folders, and edited manuscripts. During my last effort to solve this problem, I came across a photograph of a group of forty foreigners who actually stood in the middle of the back row, a thatched-roof house as the background. Now […]