Recent development of MacArthur Airport on Long Island

1. Falling numbers: The Islip owned Long Island MacArthur Airport has been captured in a vicious cycle since its inception. Airlines have long been reluctant to provide services because of lack of passengers, while passengers have been reluctant to use airports because airlines have not provided the required service. During the last half of the […]

Tips for African travel when visiting Mozambique

Famous for its beaches and shrimp, Mozambique also offers visitors World Heritage Sites, colonial architecture and a varied local culture. The busy markets sell excellent carvings and baskets with Makonde wood and ivory sculptures, considered one of the most sophisticated art forms in Africa. Mozambique has also created talented painters such as Malangatana, and murals […]

Mozambique – where are Sunny Skies Aqua Blue

It is located on the southeast coast of the continent One of African coastal jewelry . He is known for his crystal blue water , a fantastic coral reef and its amazing diversity of marine life. This former Portuguese colony, unique melting pot of different cultures is a major attraction for travelers seeking adventure in […]

The McFarland / Richardson Murder case

She was a famous actress in New York named Abby Sage. But after her ex-husband Daniel McFarland killed his lover, journalist Albert Richardson on November 25, 1869, at Richardson's grandstand in New York, the trail, not the Sage lifestyle, was just McFarland. Daniel McFarland was born in Ireland in 1820, but emigrated to America with […]

Joseph Pulitzer: Man after price

1. Introduction: The Pulitzer Prize is a sign of outstanding achievements in journalism and reflects the name and ideals of the person who created it. "From 1917 to 1958, a total of 251 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism were awarded," according to John Hohenberg in his book The Pulitzer Prize Story (Columbia University Press, 1959, p. […]

A traveler guide around Pensacole, Florida

Located in northwest Florida, ten miles from the state border of Alabama on its panhandl, it is rich in historical, military aviation and natural landmarks, all with Florida's signature sun, sand, seafood and water. Pensacola: Although it is St. Augustine on the eastern or Atlantic coast of Florida, considered the oldest American city and rooted […]