Four places to visit along the east coast


Great weekend stays along the east coast

Four major leaks along the east coast include sites from New York to North Carolina. I chose four places that make great weekend stays or make great vacations for couples, individuals or families. Each of these places serves for rest and relaxation as well as for pleasure, adventure and new things.

A great place to visit in New York is a place called Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua Institution is a closed community where visitors can experience art, philosophy, recreation and religion. There's a lot of fun in the closed community, from concerts to lectures to opera. The season of events in the summer lasts nine weeks. People stay in beautiful centuries-old houses in the community or near hotels or cottages around Lake Chautauqua. It is a beautiful place and a wonderful holiday for an individual, couple, family or group of friends.

Another great place for a weekend break or longer vacation is Niagara Falls, also in New York. It is considered the honeymoon capital of the world and one of the seven wonders of the world. Just walking around and seeing the Falls can take all day or more, but there are several other attractions in the Falls, including a ride to Maid Of The Mist. This is a boat that will take you straight down into the fog under the waterfalls and an amazing experience. The huge casino brings thousands of people to Niagara Falls to try their luck at the slot machines. There are several marriages in the beautiful gardens around the waterfalls. There are several places to stay and nightlife is also plentiful.

Traveling further south along the east coast brings us to Williamsburg, Virginia. What a wonderful, historic place. When you visit Colonial Williamsburg an experience that will make you feel as if you were taken back in time as you go through what it must have been in years gone. People even dress in colonial times and play the role of people to appear real. Also in Williamsburg are Busch Gardens, where families like to spend time. Jamestown, Virginia is close by and another great historic site to visit with replicas of the Mayflower, huge Tepees and other historic renovations. And if your family likes water, do not miss the water park, located very close to Williamsburg, Virginia. A short drive takes you to Virginia Beach for a day.

Farther south you will find an amazing view while visiting Outer Banks in North Carolina. Sand dunes are the most amazing sight. Climbing the dunes and seeing nothing but sand for miles and miles is a breathtaking experience. Just walking or climbing is great, but some few take pictures, fly kites, make sand angels like you are snow angels. Of course, another great thing on the outer banks is the beach. Not only are they great for sunbathing, but you can also see a wild horse because the wild horse runs along the beaches in certain areas of the outer shores.

If you have the opportunity to take a trip or vacation for a week or weekend, consider one of these places for a fantastic time. You will have a lot to see and do. I gave you four places to visit along the east coast. Choose one of these places for a pleasant holiday.


Visit Sillery Gaon for an unforgettable vacation


If you're traveling to Darjeeling, be sure to visit Sillery Gaon, a small village surrounded by beautiful pine trees from all sides. Local people like to call it New Darjeeling. This pristine green sleepy village is located at an altitude of about 6000 ft and offers passengers many beautiful options to enjoy the heart. content. Nestled amidst granaries and forests, Sillary Gayon offers spectacular views of Kanchendzonga (the world's third highest peak). Anyone looking at Kanchendzong of The Sillery Sojourn & # 39; With incredible looks and stunning scenic landscapes, he becomes infamous.

If you're a beauty seeker, take a chance to visit The Sillery Sojourn & # 39; highest position in Sillery Gaon. The view of the shimmering silver peak from here is stunning. Besides, the calm all around is good enough to captivate you for a longer time. The village probably derives its name from a plant that has the same name – Sillery. If we divide the phrase "Sillery Gaon" into two distinct parts – "Sillery" and "Gaon", we get a clear meaning to the place. Sillery means plant type and Gaon means village. Therefore, together they mean – the village plans Sillera. The tree grows here abundantly. In addition to this tree, the site abounds in Cinchona Plantation. The British introduced the world as a cure for malaria.

One can choose this place as an ideal holiday destination. It can spend several days pleasantly surrounded by green plants and forests. Spend idle time watching the clouds and hearing the chirps of bats. The chirping of emigrated birds is sure to please you. Big butterflies fly around you and give you a great feeling. Leisure is also adventurous. A terrible feeling will catch your mind once you get there. A walk through the forest path is a truly unforgettable experience. If you are looking for adventure, enjoy more. Enjoy its flora and fauna. Visit the picturesque village to see the villagers & # 39; lifestyle. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the village hospitality offered by the people of this village. You can embark on mild trips to places known as Ramitey View Point, Tinchuley View Point and The Damsang Fort.

Staying here for several days is no problem. You will have many hotels and lodges providing travelers with comfortable accommodation with modern amenities. Traveling and staying here becomes cost effective – if you afford the Sillary Gayon travel package (offered by a reputable travel agency).


Danger of texting while driving


Mobile phone usage has exploded in the last few years. As smartphones have become more powerful and wireless download speeds have increased, the urge to do more driving tasks is too many drivers to resist.

Unfortunately, scattered driving is a serious danger on the nation's highways. In 2009 alone, less than 5 500 people were killed and 450 000 injured in scattered driving accidents across the United States. Some studies indicate that you are 23 times more likely to fall while writing texts while driving.

Danger of texting while driving

Sending text messages while driving is particularly dangerous because it involves three main types of distractions. These three main types of distractions include:

Visual – the driver takes his eyes off the road

Manual – the driver takes his hand or hands off the steering wheel

Cognitive – the driver's mind is not focused on driving

Being distracted by these three aspects, motorists become a danger to themselves and others around them on the highway.

Legal consequences of text messages in driving

While driving in different countries across the country there are many penalties for text messages. Alaska, for example, has potentially severe penalties for driving text messages while driving because it is a Class A offense and involves a fine of up to $ 10,000 and 1 year in prison. The punishment increases up to Felony class with a fine of up to $ 100,000 and 10 years in prison if someone is seriously injured for texting and driving.

California, on the other hand, fines only $ 20, and several states, such as Montana, South Dakota and South Carolina, have no ban at all.

Own responsibility

And while most states have banned texting while driving, drivers must exercise common sense. When the driver is behind the steering wheel, the phone should be kept completely away. If the driver finds that he has to send a text or answer a call, he should pull to a safe area on the side of the road or the parking lot to complete the task.


By applying a small precaution, drivers can reduce the likelihood of a car accident by not being distracted by their phones. A focused driver is much safer for himself, his passengers and other travelers on national journeys.

However, if you or a member of your family have been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, you should contact an experienced lawyer.


Tourism Leh Ladakh and Kashmir


Ladakh and Kashmir are two very popular regions in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). They attract travelers and holidaymakers from all over the world with unique charm and fascination. This article discusses how to inform you about what you will see in Ladakh and Kashmir once you get there. Look for tourist attractions in Ladakh and Kashmir.

Ladakh is one of the most sought after regions of J&K in terms of tourism and holiday. The region is full of tourists & # 39; pleasure of scenic beauty, Buddhist monasteries, rich culture and traditions, adventure sports, hiking trails, historical monuments and places etc. The region is kindly referred to as the Earth as No Other. Leh is the capital of the region. The main attraction of Ladakh tourism is many Buddhist temples and monasteries. Hemis Gompa, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Sankar Gompa, Spituk Monastery, Cave Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Shey Gompa, Stok Palace, Phugtal Gompa, Alchi Gompa, Leh Palace, Phyang Monastery, Lekir Monastery, Rizong Gompa etc. Ladakh tourism significantly. The Ladakh region is also known among tourists and adventure lovers, as there are plenty of hiking and adventure activities available.

Kashmir is the most beautiful region in the state of J&K. It has an exceptional beauty of nature and a cool and pleasant climate. Nature has uniquely blessed this area. It seems that God created this place in his free time with utmost care and attention. Due to the beautiful nature and pleasant climate is often referred to as paradise on Earth. It is also known as Switzerland Asia. Kashmir is well known among families, nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, tourists, pilgrims and honeymooners.

Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg etc. They are important and beautiful tourist places in the regions. Srinagar is the summer capital of J&K. It has something to offer its visitors. It enchants tourists with its scintillating beauty of nature and pleasant climate. The key attractions of the Srinagar tour are Dal Lake (known for luxury houseboats), Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashma Shahi Gardens, Shankaracharya Temple, Hazratbal Shrine, Jama Masjid, Gurudwaras etc. Gulmarg, beautiful hills and ski resort, is located just 50 km from Srinagar. The extreme beauty of Gulmar, wrapped in white snow, will never disappoint visitors from all over the world.

Pahalgam (Shepherd's Village) in Kashmir offers spectacular views. One can just relax in a picturesque location and watch the fantastic beauty of nature or trek to some of the many beautiful mountains. Snow skiing is a popular attraction of Pahalgam during the winter season. Pahalgam is also the entry point to the famous Amarnath Cave for Hindus. Amarnath Yatra is very popular among Hindus. Horseback riding in the Pahalgam Valley will give you a truly fascinating Kashmir tourism experience. Sonamarg (Meadow of Gold) is another tourist attraction in the picturesque Kashmir Valley. It provides a very picturesque setting with its background, snow-capped mountains, against a clear blue sky. In summer it is really the right destination where you can relax and relax in a pleasant and cool climate.

So you can see that the tourism of Kashmir and Leh Ladakh can fascinate tourists with its picturesque atmosphere and breathtaking attractions. Accommodation in Kashmir is excellent with a number of good hotels for both luxury and cheap travelers. If you also want to enjoy the charm and fascination of tourism in Leh Ladakh and Kashmir, you are welcome here. You will never forget the magic you will have after exploring Ladakh (a country like no other) and Kashmir (a paradise on earth).


Timeshare Association


Many people turn to the timeshare industry to take advantage of it, as it is a practical option for a carefree vacation.

Like any other thriving industry, the shared holiday industry has recently owned various activities and charities. Only last April, the Cooperative Centers Association celebrated its 25 year exchange as an association and organized a series of C.A.R.E. conference. The anniversary was held in New Orleans, which was also the site of the first C.A.R.E. conference 25 years ago. The aim of the four-day convention was to provide each C.A.R.E. member and representative of vital tools and information needed to stay at the cutting edge of timeshare and property ownership.

When the Clinton Inn Hotel in Tenafly, New Jersey reconstructed the resort to suit travelers with autistic children, it shows how well timeshare resorts serve many people with unique and special needs. Basic changes include the replacement of furniture for traditional sharp corners with furniture with rounded corners. Moving facilities were also replaced by real estate. Glass and porcelain were replaced with plastic ones, flat-screen televisions were attached to the walls, and security latches were installed in cabinets and drawers. They also added door alarms to warn parents and adults if their child or children leave their room.

Last March, the European conference The Timeshare Association (TATOC) also hosted the annual conference, featuring Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts International, as keynote speaker. Diamond Resorts International is one of the world's largest holiday brands with 160 affiliates in the US and 26 countries around the world. TATOC is the only elected consumer association representing the interests of timeshare owners in Europe.

As the industry expands worldwide, Wyndham Vacation Ownership also opens another door. She recently completed a marketing and sales agreement with Towers on the Grove LLC for a timeshare property on North Myrtle Beach, which includes a studio, one, two and three bedrooms with fully equipped furniture, most with private balconies and many with ocean views. This further strengthens Wyndham's strong presence in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Interval International timeshare exchange has also added Mayhills Resort in Gangwon Province of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) to its timeshare inventory. Near this Korean resort, tourists can enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing, tennis, golf, cycling, water sports on beautiful lakes, several amusement parks and a children's playground. It is clear that the timeshare industry has made a number of contributions to the company not only by providing pleasant and practical holiday destinations, but also by helping others. Indeed, this industry has proven itself not only in the business sector, but also for its customers.


Harbison State Forest


Harbison State Forest is a unique public green area in Columbia, South Carolina. Located just nine miles north of downtown, the 2,200 acre forest tract lies along the scenic Broad River. Forest is the largest urban green space in the southeast and provides opportunities for recreational and environmental education. Harbison State Forest is such a quiet, peaceful area that visitors can lose sight of being in the middle of a growing urban area.

The forest is a mixture of loblolly, short leaves and long leafy pines, as well as various hardwoods along the basin. The terrain ranges from rolling ridges and cliffs to the bottom along the Broad River. More than 18 kilometers of roads and paths are designed for hiking, jogging, hiking and cycling. Trails range from light to heavy. Mountain biking is only allowed on the marked routes and permits are required. The nature trail and nature trail have natural exhibitions promoting responsible land management. There are also outdoor classrooms along these trails. The Boiled Pine Trail is a moderately difficult trail leading to a spring or seasonal pond. The Stewardship Trail leads tourists down to the Broad River. Mountainbikes are allowed on the Firebreak Trail, Midlands Mountain, Lost Creek Trail, and Spider Woman II. They are among the longest trails in the park and have the most difficult terrain, with some steep climbs and rocky areas.

Canoe Landing on the Broad River provides access to canoes and kayaks. This part of the river has quiet water and virtually no rapids. This is a popular section for rowers, kayakers and canoeists. River users are obliged to submit a basic floating plan in the education center.

The Harbison Environmental Education Center is used for educational programs related to forest ecosystems. Visitors can view exhibits and displays in the building. Various workshops, conferences and teacher training days are held throughout the year. Outside the education center, visitors can see a fire tower and a sawmill. Other facilities at Harbison State Forest include two large picnic shelters, toilets and free playgrounds.

Harbison State Forest is located on 5500 Broad River Road. It is easily accessible from I-26 on Harbison Road. Daily parking tickets are USD 5 per vehicle, payable on site for a fee in the car park.


Myrtle Beach


Whenever our family plans a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it's like the night before Christmas around the house. We usually start packing as Baltimore's former Colts football team. In the dark we load the vehicle with fishing tackle, coolers, luggage, several snacks and lemonade.

Although it's only a 7-hour drive from the Baltimore area in Washington, we usually do it in about 10. That's 10 hours. First we have to go through a mixing bowl in Springfield, VA, which seems to last forever. Then there are stores where my beautiful wife just has to stop picking up her collection of all the shoes that are known to women. We also have our favorite places to eat and of course no trip is completed without stopping for fireworks. Our son will need fireworks from at least two different suppliers along I-95 South. Not the kind that sits on the ground and burns like a book of matches, but things that reach the sky and illuminate our summer nights, like the space shuttle from Cape Canaveral.

I'm willing to endure shopping for shoes, fireworks and half a dozen other stops that make up our 10-hour trek, because by the end of the day we'll finally get to one of my favorite vacation destinations across the east coast, the amazing Myrtle Beach.

The best way to start your day on Myrtle Beach is with sunrise along the Atlantic coast. Myrtle Beach is divided into two areas, North Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach, and on both sides is plenty of adventure.

Did I say the south side? The south side is an older part of Myrtle Beach, but there is always a new development. One of the biggest attractions on the south side was the Pavilion theme park, which celebrated its last season in 2006, but everything is not lost. Some of the popular rides and artifacts are now part of the Nostalgia Pavilion Park. Nostalgia Park is located on Broadway's beach, which opened in spring 2007.

Herschell-Spillman, Kiddy Ride and Caterpillar Ride are very lively in the new Nostalgia Park.

If you need more adventures, try the Family Kingdom water park.

They are located at 300 Blvd in the Southern Ocean. Family Kingdom also has an amusement park. Stop by the ice cream shop and pick up a scoop or two as local or check out South Carolina's largest garage sale from 7:00 am to 12:00 am September 15, 2007. It will take place in the Myrtle Beach Pavilion Parking Garage.

Three levels of shops. Go soon to catch the best deals. You will find almost everything you need for the beach, including sunglasses, hats and sunscreen. You can even find things like luggage, handbags, dollar items and household items.

For in-store purchases, check out The Coastal Grand. This mall was opened in March 2004. This is Myrtle Beach's newest shopping mall. They have a great dining court with lots of fun. There's nothing like shopping at a mall, you can almost live there if you like shopping just like us.

Looking for accommodation right by the sea? Take this extraordinary resort hotel.

Crown Reef Resort Myrtle is surrounded by Par 3 Golf Course on one side and Whispering Pines Golf Course on the other. Crown Reef Resort Myrtle is a smart choice for travelers. This huge resort has a 125-foot ocean front whose crystal-clear blue waters just draw you to dive. This charming property is almost magical at night because its brilliant purple lighting shines in the southern night sky.

If you want to invest in timeshare, just cross the street to South Beach Resorts owned by one of the South Carolinas Premiere Burroughs & Chapin developers. This is one of the newer developments on the south side. Burroughs & Chapin also owns The Crown Reef Resort Myrtle. In fact, I saw plans for further expansion that would include high-rise beach front apartments right next to The Crown Reef Resort Myrtle. Thanks to these developments, the southern end of Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach. a place to be on vacation.

There are excellent food choices on the south side or right outside the door.

Remember, the second last hotel on the left is Crown Reef Resort Myrtle. It is an amazing sight to see the Atlantic Ocean. To experience this kind of luxury, just visit [] and all the stress in the meeting room will disappear with a single click.

North Myrtle Beach is full of the best restaurants in the state. There are many seafood restaurants that contain the freshest seafood you can find anywhere. Succulent crab legs, jumbo prawns, garlic butter mussels, steamed clams and half-shell oysters just jumped off your plate with taste. When your taste buds dance to your taste, you will enjoy a sense of satisfaction because your desire for seafood is extinguished.

Now burn a few calories and walk through many local attractions, such as the Ripley Aquarium, where you can see how sharks swim so close that you can count the rows of teeth in their mouths. Check out some antique stores. In Myrtle Beach pedestrian shops you will find even some sweet offers. You will find that they are organized and professionally managed.

Full Length Grand Strand & # 148; you will find the best hotels, restaurants and golf courses. Wait a minute. I haven't mentioned sixty miles of white, warm, sandy beaches. How could I forget that? I'm not one for swimming in the ocean, but I couldn't resist wading in the mighty Atlantic on Myrtle Beach. If you want to have this or even better experience at the most beautiful resort in South Carolina, let your fingers tap [] for hotels, event tickets and car rental. There is so much to choose from that you will not be able to do it in one way. Visit South Korea's Myrtle Beach for more fun than you had in a long time.


Christmas in July – fun facts and history!


Australia's 'Christmas in July' celebration is somewhat unusual, and some suggest a slightly eccentric festival that is now attracting international travelers to the country below! Christmas in July or Yulefest, as is also known, believe they were born by accident on one snowy winter night in July 1980 at the award-winning boutique hotel. Mountain Heritage in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. In July, a group of Irish guests noticed the irony of the winter weather and wanted to restore their winter feelings at home, asked the hotel owner if he could organize a few Christmas meals and festivities that night. This is how Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations, snowmen, mulled wine, carols, baked dinners, ground cakes, plum pudding, egg liqueur, candies, Christmas cookies, logs and occasional snow are among the magical winter festivities of Yuletide.

The idea has spread rapidly, and now in July, the peak season for Australian snowfields, Christmas decorations and special events is carefully planned to attract visitors to Yulefest's snow celebration. Many families are now enjoying a winter holiday in the snow fields where they build snowmen as they watch Santa Claus in the distance zagging over snow slopes!

Interestingly, the first mention of "Christmas in July" was in July 1933 at a girl's summer camp in North Carolina, USA. The term later gained momentum with the release of the Hollywood movie comedy 'Christmas in July' in 1940. Later in 1942, Calvary celebrated the Baptist Church in the United States in July. representing the sermon of the Christmas Gifts in July, which also included an erection of a Christmas tree that would be covered by gifts and congregation gifts at the end of the sermon. Gifts and donations are then distributed to missions around the world. In 1946, this annual service began broadcasting via local radio. It wasn't until the 1950s that American advertisers led the way to the 'July in July' sales topics.

While Yulefest has become an incredibly popular annual Australian unofficial holiday season, the July Christmas in Copenhagen, Denmark in Bakken is unique and represents the annual World Santa Claus Congress. Bakken is a popular amusement park where hundreds of Santas, Mrs. Clauses and Elves from around the world meet every year at this festival. They organize shows and enjoy going to the beach for an annual paddle. It is known to be quite fun to see all these Santa on the beach. The King of Santas for the year is named during this Christmas in July festival. And many challenging issues are discussed, such as what Santa is a true homeland and what size gifts should be given! Even trembling belly competitions are part of the festivities of this fun event.

Here are some universal thoughts on some of the symbols related to Christmas in July:

– Red is the main color of Christmas in July – it represents the magical flow of life, the blood that flows in all of us – so be sure to let the flow of your love, passion and energy. Commit to show your love a little more every day and do what you do, no matter how insignificant it can be, with a little love and enthusiasm every day and discover a new passion for living in you and a new flow of energy.

– The second July color is green – greenery reminds us of honoring the eternal transformative element of nature. Everything radiates energy. Energy does not die, it only transforms. Green soothes our hearts, knowing that we are part of an endless cycle of melt and rebirth.

– The combination of red and green on the color wheel – red and green are opposites and opposites create balance. These two prominent colors of Christmas in July attract us to a deep unconscious connection with the harmony and peace that we all seek within. The Christmas wreath is red and green and tied with a ribbon to remind us that we are all tied together; we belong to each other!


Mt Pleasant – high life in the lowland


East of Charleston is a beautiful stretch of land bounded by Charleston Harbor, Shem Creek and Cove Inlet. The English settlers named the Mt. Pleasant. Today it is still on the treasure, but between the modern expansion of Hwy 17 is easy to escape.

Walking through Shem Creek docks and the streets of the Old Town, visitors connect with the natural beauty of the area that attracted settlers. The swamp stretches from Shem Creek and opens shiny green and gold arms to Charleston Harbor. In the Old Town along Pitt Street, massive living oaks spread along narrow streets with mossy limbs.

The historic charm hides a fundamental battle between the descendants of early settlers and modern developers. Locals want to remember and protect the area, while developers invent ways to profit from the atmosphere. The fight against progress is ancient, with its roots running deep along the banks. The inhabitants of a low country have a history of struggle for their beliefs, keeping time honored traditions intact. A balanced compromise is required to adapt industry and maintain a way of life.

"The Creek", as locals kindly call it, runs out of the swamp and into Charleston Harbor and invites travelers to explore the natural beauty and architectural nooks and skulls. While dolphins are diving in the creek, pelicans and seagulls are diving on shrimp and invite visitors to stop and enjoy the view. As the sun sets, rays of golden light reach through the thunderheads above, bouncing off the surface of the water and flashing a silvery glow that lights up marshy grass.

Boats of all sizes and shapes line the docks on each side of the stream. This community has provided many shrimp delivered to the Charleston area for 30+ years. The Shrimp Season opens at the end of April with the Fleet Blessing Festival held at the historic Alahambra Hall. Boat charters for deep sea fishing as well as kayak outfits can also be moored here. Sailboats and cruisers connect with the dock, their passengers encouraging them to dine along the waterfront. The 'no-wake' zone makes it easy to pause for the experience of freshly caught local seafood in restaurants lining the Creek.

For longer stays, anchor in Patriot's Point Marina. Patriot's Point is located just beyond the mouth of Shem Creek towards Charleston Harbor and is the 459 slides of the largest harbor in the area. Majestic view of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Yorktown offers the opportunity to explore and connect with maritime history. The whole day could be devoted to exploring Yorktown, Cutter Coast Guard and the Medal of Honor Museum. Tourist boats at Ft. Sumpter leaves Yorktown daily.

Patriot's Point Resort and Hotel is also located here. Maritime themed rooms decorated in bright yellow and blue colors, comfortable linen and spectacular harbor views keep guests close to the water with all the comforts of home. The resort also offers an 18-hole championship golf course overlooking Charleston Harbor, Fort Sumter and Shem Creek. The course is known for its challenging waterfront finishing quays, within minutes of the beaches of Palms and Sullivan's Island.

Patriots Point Resort is well acquainted with water lovers. In spring, the Charleston Race Week takes place here, and sport fishing tournaments take place throughout the season. Black and white photographs of previous tournament winners line the walls in the reel bar. A fast cycling or shuttle service from the East Cooper Shuttle will take you to Shem Creek. For guests who prefer to go to Charleston, a water taxi leaves the Dock every hour, so passengers at the Charleston Maritime Center are within walking distance of the aquarium. Bicycles and pets are welcome on the water taxi. Bring the camera for a unique close-up of the U.S.S. Yorktown and Arthur Ravenel Bridge.

For accommodations with views of Shem Creek, check out The Shem Creek Inn. The Inn offers a 10% discount on fishing charter booked by Rick Hiott's Inshore Fishing Charters. Guests who book Inshore Fishing Charters from Captain Rick Hiott will receive a 10% discount on room rates. Captain Hiott's expertise for Red Drum is widely known both locally and worldwide. Captain Hiott, who appeared on the Discovery-Europe Channel and Saltwater Sportsman Magazine, is highly recommended for finding the best offshore fishing grounds on the coast, as well as for his genuine interest in teaching others about the coastal waters around Charleston.

The abundance and experience of local fishermen provide the best of fresh seafood. Mt. Pleasant Seafood operates a retail store in Creek and has a stall in Mt. Pleasant farmers market. For a fine, the patrons of Water's Edge Cabana Bar will be happy about the playful goodwill of the stream. When he arrives every day at 4 pm, the male dolphin and the rest of the pod appear. Look carefully and you will see the baby swim along with his mother. It is as if these creatures came just to welcome guests in the area. It would be difficult to be enthralled by a miracle as someone watches these beautiful beings hunting their supper. In cooperation with brown pelicans and seagulls, they dive to the remains of charter fish.

Sunsets are an event here. Several restaurants offer al fresco dining and creeks, allowing guests to experience the brilliant sunset of Charleston with the ubiquitous charm of a small fishing village. Enjoy views from the outdoor bar and dining room at Vickery's. Watch as the sun's rays cast across the marsh as it spreads toward the mouth of the stream. Feel the fine palms of the waffles of Charleston Harbor over the palmettos. Even in a thunderstorm, the view from the indoor bar is a great way to watch the drama without dampening the spirit. From the inner bar you can see shrimp, wings spread up and up, as if they were water angels ready to fly.

The view over the stream offers an opportunity to see the architectural nooks and skulls lining the docks. Magwoods Seafood still provides shrimp and fish much of Charleston after 30 years in business. “Live long, love long, eat seafood” is their motto, painted on the walls in red and blue. At The Wreck, Low Country culinary favorites are informally placed on huge paper plates. The price is worth a spectacular sunset view from the veranda dining room. This is one place where blind people cannot get to dinner.

Looking at the bridge offer R.B. and Red's Ice House more options for outdoor dining. RB is more upscale, and quite reputable about proper parking patrons, sometimes dragging their own customers by mistake. Bright yellow signs warn of fine for towing and towing. RB owns the Shem Creek Towing Company and keeps the tow truck parked overlooking the property.

Red & # 39; s is a casual local hangout that happens every day at Happy Hour. They offer free parking on a large gravel plot adjacent to the restaurant, more interested in having great fun. Red's is also a local “Yappy Hour” hotspot, so bring your dog friends to the hangout and say hello to the locals. Ice cold buckets of water and dog biscuits are popular with a four-legged furry crowd. Above, the sunset view is unique. The upper bar is lined with pillows, which can be reserved for private parties. During the holidays it is the main place for viewing fireworks from the USA. Yorktown.

Happy Hour is special at Red's Ice House. On Sunday listen to local acoustic / rock / folk singers playing downstairs. On Thursday you can sample freshly stewed shrimp, served at the bar for free. Best of all, Wednesday evenings have a sunset cruise on the 50-meter sailing catamaran Palmetto Breeze. This is a great way to watch races with lots of photo operations on a trip in CORA (Charleston Ocean Racing Assoc) races. Ticket prices include adult drinks and spread of appetizers. Captain Ping is always cheerful, ready to take guests on the water. It even allows you to drive a ship if you ask nicely.

A few blocks from Red's Mount Pleasant Old Town. The Old Town, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, features picturesque churches, colonial and antelope houses, as well as the majestic Alhambra Hall, the original site of Mount Pleasant Ferry Company. Built in 1847 by Charles Jugnot and Oliver Hilliard as a summer haven and ballroom, the Alhambra Hall sits in a grove of massive live oak trees. Rebuilt in 1937, it is a popular venue for community events. Situated on a riverside park lined with live oak trees and equipped with a wonderful social playground, it is a quiet peaceful spot for an afternoon picnic. Stroll to the Confederate Cemetery and don't miss the small Post Office building on your way back through Pitt Street. Many streets end up looking at Charleston Harbor, so it's easy to see why the city's founders called it Mt. Pleasant. Although there is no mountain to say, it is certainly a nice place.

Not far from here is the Old Town, where visitors can connect to the nostalgia of old-fashioned ice cream from Pitt Street Pharmacy. The Old Post House and Tavern restaurants are located in the building, which served as a grocery store. Originally built by German immigrants in 1888, Post House serves a light lunch and dinner, with a dining room downstairs and a meeting room upstairs for private parties. Crab soup, tuna, lamb shank, steaks, sea bass, shrimp and grits await hungry dinners. The streets of the Old Town face Charleston

If you are in Mount Pleasant on Tuesday afternoon, stop by at the farmers market held at Old Moultrie High School on West Coleman Blvd. In this small market there is an abundance of fresh flowers, herbs, local produce and seafood. Local Bluegrass or acoustic musicians perform during the purchase. Snow cones and face painting are available for children of all ages and the barbeque stand ensures that you will not starve before returning to your floating house. The market will run until the end of October and a special holiday and craft exhibition is scheduled for 8 December from 10 am to 3 pm.

Shopping in the area offers a variety of beautiful goods both in the Old Town and the Creek, and in some cases generous assistance to local history. In the village, the Utonga Gallery offers a unique collection of statues of Shona (Zimbabwe). Next to the door, the Gallery is out of hand with a feast for cards, gifts and treasures that remember your visit. The Charleston Candle Cottage at West Coleman Blvd. customers can chat with Rachel, the owner. The post office is located at the back for sending art cards back to people. The choice of candles is also huge. Behind the candlelight, watch local artist Steven Jordan, who paints watercolors and oils of the popular Low Country scenery.

There are many shops on Mill Street. See the Scratch Pad for proper stationery and postcards. Sue Tanis offers an attractive selection of quirky, entertaining locally oriented gifts, prints and invitations for the right occasion. At the end of Mill Street, owner and local history expert Lou Edens offers a collection of select gifts, home furnishings, and generous local history help in the area during the fifth season. Lou has owned and operated the Maritime Museum for years and also owns the Rice Hope Plantation Bed & Breakfast on the Cooper River.

Shem Creek Marina is opposite Fifth Season on Mill Street. Sailboats cannot sail under the bridge, the marina specializes in long-term dry dock storage for smaller motor boats. The old Naval Museum building is next door, now home to kayak tours of the Coastal Expedition. Coastal Expeditions offers kayak tours to Shem Creek and personal ferry trips to Bull Island all year round.

There are two more restaurants on this side of Shem Creek. The Shem Creek Bar & Grill offers superb swamp views from the outdoor dock and the inner back porch. Inside the main restaurant, the bow-shaped bar is unique, reminiscent of all who come here, the first love. This family-run restaurant, with a large selection of seafood and popular favorite rural specialties, has it all. The adjacent new Creekside Bar & Grill offers popular favorites at a lower price and outdoor rooftop seating overlooking the stream.

One could easily spend a week exploring the historic sites in the area. Watching the sunset through the wings of the shrimp boats, strolling through the creek ports after dinner and time to explore the local shops will delight visitors to this enchanting place so close to Charleston. A kayak tour will illustrate the efforts to preserve the stream and have a conversation with locals Red & # 39; s even better your visit here. Check out the many wonders of Shem Creek and Old Town Mt. Pretty soon, before it was too late to remember how it was.

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Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina

20 Patriots Point Road

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464


Toll Free: 888-856-8333


Toll free (888) 856-0028

Shem Creek Inn

1401 Shrimp Ln,

Mt Pleasant, SC

(843) 881-1000


Charleston Harbor Marina

24 Patriot's Point Rd.

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

Office: (843) 284-7062

Mobile: (843) 297-2949 or (843) 297-2948

Fax: (843)856-8540

Patriots points to Charleston Harbor

One Patriots Point Road

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Phone: 843,881,0042

Fax: 843,881,0044

Toll-free number: 877 709 5053


Edge of water

1407 Shrimp Lane

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

Reservation 843,884.4074

Vickery's Bar & Grill

1313 Shrimp Ln

Mt Pleasant, SC 29464


Reds Icehouse

98 Church Street

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Shem Creek Bar & Grill

508 Mill St

Mt Pleasant, SC 29464


Creekside Grill

508 B Mill Street

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Old Village Post House

101 Pitt Street

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Sightseeing and sightseeing tours

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

40 Patriots Point Road

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

866-831-1720 free


Angie Bennett, Group Business / Visitor Services

866-831-1720 free

Aqua Safaris, Inc. Real name of Palmetto Breeze is Palmetto Breeze

24 Patriot's Point Rd.

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

800-524-3444, 843-886-8133

Coastal expedition

514 B Mill Street

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Fishing charter

Aqua Adventures

Capain Chuck Griffin



Coastal fishing charter Captain Rick Hiott

(843) 412-6776 cell

or (843) 554-9386 houses


East Cooper

Elaine: 843-343-0484

John: 843-327-4700

Water taxi

Charleston water taxi

843) 330-CWTX (2989)

One-way 5 $

Return trip: $ 8

All Day Pass: $ 12.


Steven Jordan Gallery

409 W. Coleman Blvd

423 W. Coleman Blvd at Peach Orchard Plaza


Utonga Gallery

113 Pitt Street

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

800 732 4306

(843) 216-686


From hand

113C Pitt Street

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Fifth season

510 Mill Street

Mt. Pleasant SC 29464


Scratch Pad

409 Mill Street

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464



The inhabitants of the mountains embrace green life


Sustainability, green building and energy efficiency are all words that are becoming part of today's main consciousness. As global environmental awareness spreads, some US regions act as leaders of the environmental movement. One of the national focal points for alternative energy is Western North Carolina (WNC), home to the city of Asheville.

According to Dale Neal's article "Video Touts Region on the Green Economy" of 22 February 2008 Asheville Citizen-Times more than 80 green builders are based in WNC. In a seven-minute video, Neal, titled "AdvantageGreen," is directed by American Green TV Kurt Mann and discusses green building practices in Asheville, North Carolina.

The video includes three WNC solar energy companies and highlights three major projects: Installing FLS Energy Solar Panels at Greensboro Hotel, Appalachian Energy Solar Water Installation on Arby Restaurant Roofs, and Sundance Power Solar Panels in Deltec Homes.

Simple ideas for life green

Living a healthier, greener lifestyle is not as difficult as many people think. Green building methods and alternative energy systems are becoming increasingly accessible to the average citizen. There are even ways to make the existing structure more energy efficient, whether it is a residential building or a commercial building.

Energy Star efficiency standards

One of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency is to purchase Energy Star-recognized products. Energy Star is sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency and awards special certification to products that offer the highest level of efficiency in a particular category. All certified products must follow specific guidelines and may then have the Energy Star logo. For more information on Energy Star, please visit:

Energy efficient lighting

Natural light is the easiest way to save energy at home. Consider the size and location of all windows in your home. Well-positioned skylights or atriums also enhance natural light and electrical efficiency. Although it is easier to take these considerations into account when building your house, you will be surprised at how quickly an investment in smart and energy-efficient renovation can pay off.

Energy efficient, green living with passive solar and passive cooling

Passive solar and passive cooling are excellent strategies to maintain energy efficiency. Passive solar energy optimizes the use of heat-trapping materials. Heating and cooling affect many aspects of the home, even the direction they face can reduce energy costs.

When choosing a passive solar solution, remember the basic facts, such as south-facing houses warmer than north-facing houses. East-facing houses are warmer in the morning and west-facing houses are warmer in the afternoon. Passive cooling is facilitated by wind at higher altitudes. Mountain slopes away from the prevailing winds provide shelter and warmth. The slopes facing the prevailing wind are cooler.

Properly insulated walls, windows, roofs and floors are also designed to attract or dissipate solar heat. Special window glazing can increase heating efficiency in winter and shades or blinds affect cooling in summer. Proper use of ceiling fans in the respective season can also improve energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Landscaping: How Trees Support Energy Efficient Houses

The trees in your yard also promote energy efficiency. In an article entitled “Passive and Proud: Green Energy Ideas for Your Home”, author and real estate broker in Northern California Carolyn Gjerde-Tu from David Homes' discovery, “Landscaping is another important consideration when thinking about energy efficiency. Deciduous trees (deciduous in summer, bare in winter) provide a wonderful shade for your home in summer, but let the sun help you warm up your home in winter. Plant these trees on the sides of your house that receive the most sun. in winter they break away from the cold winds. "

Energy Efficient Initiative: NC HealthyBuilt Homes

NC HealthyBuilt Homes is a nationwide initiative supported by the North Carolina Solar Center, the State Energy Authority, the Asheville Home Builders Association, and the West North Carolina Green Building Council (WNCGBC). According to the WNCGBC website,, the NC HealthyBuilt program promotes improved energy efficiency, indoor air quality and environmental responsibility.

The energy efficient building also offers a number of federal and state tax benefits. The State Initiative for Renewable Resources and Efficiency (DSIRE),, is a comprehensive list of tax and property incentives. Information about North Carolina and Asheville is carefully detailed in the database along with other cities and states.

Energy efficiency is a simple and affordable way to start living a healthier and greener lifestyle. Whether you're building a new home or looking for a way to increase the value of your existing home, investing in increasing the efficiency of your home is an investment in the future.