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Pistol star

"He's gone," these words can mean all kinds of things for billions of different people, but when they talked to me on the night of December 7, 2005, they had only one meaning, one meaning of one simple sentence consisting of two simple words that completely destroyed My picture perfect life. The power of these two words was incredible, crushing my heart, destroying my faith and breaking the hope of love in my life. I could never trust anyone while I live on this planet. Two simple words: "he is gone", spoken to me with such ease that they cut me like strong, strong sharp blades and tore my soul until it bleed and died. "He was gone" took every tear in my little ten-year-old body and poured them into an endless stream of flawless pain and loss. "He's gone" is repeated over and over in my head as I seek an answer in this terrible never-ending nightmare of life. He "left" happened on an ordinary but unforgettable December day like any other, but he tore it up and twisted my life until there was nothing but an empty hole in the little girl's heart that could never be fulfilled. Is gone?

Richmond's strong smell was not like any regular hospital, but it was much worse. It didn't look like a hospital, it smelled like one, and no doubt people were sick. It was not the same kind of illness I was familiar with. These patients weren't cut, bleeding, wounded or broken … where I saw. Two weeks passed without seeing my father, since that awful night, October 21, 2005. I had so many questions, but my mom said they were behaving normally, so we upset my father. We walked through the empty rooms of the hospital until my father's face woke from the darkness to greet the life he had left. His face appeared in front of me, just like I remembered … this wasn't my dad, not at all. No, my dad always smiled, joyfully, witty and kindly. He was the perfect dad every little girl had dreamed of. The man sitting in front of me was dead. He was lost without hope, very alive and breathing, but he was dead. It was as if his soul had been taken away from him, and now he was a dead corpse. The doctors all explained as clearly as possible that my father was ill, only it was kind of ill that you couldn't see the eyes and the sick that couldn't be cured by the bandage or some loving care from your mom. He was diagnosed with clinical depression, these words meant nothing to a ten-year-old who only cared about her father's pride in life or finished homework on time, was it never even if you had a father you were proud of? & # 39; “The more the doctor explained, the more he began to make sense. He also explained what happened before Dad left, the night his depression "took him".

Dad was gone all day. We didn't know where he went, and he didn't like it at all. In fact, it was so unlike him that it frightened us to think about what might happen. My mom had some ideas. She checked some of her father's place on her credit card. We found that on October 21, my dad went to South Carolina (approximately two hours from home in Georgia) and bought a gun. Out of the terrible fear in my mother's eyes, I could tell when she exploded from the office that it wasn't good. We never needed a reason to call the police before.

In a few minutes my mom let the South Carolina police search for my father; he was placed in a hotel room near Calhoun Falls, a quiet city where he had to make a strategic decision to escape. I curled up in my parents & # 39; a bed with her sister and brother, while the emergency nanny waited for my mom and dad to return. I fell asleep and dreamed of the days when my dad and I trained basketball. We spent hours and hours shooting hoops, dribbling, passing and defending. As a coach of every basketball, football and softball team I was involved with in my childhood, my dad certainly liked sports. For every point I scored I could count on being on the edge and encouraging me. After a successful victory, my dad and I went to dinner and enjoyed a winning chocolate cocktail. He looked at me and said, "Throw me the ball and watch what I'm doing!" With a huge smile on his face. It seemed to me that those days would never end, that he would be here forever and by my side. I dreamed of running to a place where there was no pain, no loss, no frightening thoughts of not coming back, no fear and certainly no crying. In a place like this, I never had to worry about my life falling apart and my country being pulled out from under my stable, credible feet. I dreamed to look into his eyes again, knowing he would be fine. I dreamed of a world where there was no illness or a kind of "sick" you couldn't see, no depression or injuries. I dreamed that I was sitting on the wide open landscape, staring into the dark, sad, starry night.

I dreamed of the night that my dad and I drove everywhere and anywhere until we ended up in the middle of nowhere. We looked at the sky and I looked at it, was deep in thought about something and, oddly enough, I knew exactly what he was thinking. When I looked at the stars, I wondered where they came from, where we came from, and where we left when we left. "What do you think will happen … if you die?" I said.

"What do you think?" he replied.

"Well, I'd like to think we're going to be stars," I said as we both gazed aimlessly at the night sky. “Once we die, we go to the sky for all the people who have ever loved us to look at them and think about and remember. "

“When I'm gone, you just look at the sky and promise to be there, I look down at you with a smile. I will shine there brighter than any other star in the sky, just for you. ”… he said with a smile.

I woke up in my father's arms as he gently laid me on the bed and without a word came out of my room and closed the door, when I wanted nothing more, he locked me out of life rather than that. If I wanted nothing but answers, he couldn't even hear my angry shouts for help and hear him say, "I'll be here forever and always a little girl," as he always told me. That night she died with all hope that my father was fine when he arrived the next day and he was checked into the hospital. I didn't know what made him run away, what made him buy the gun, or why he was ill, but I hoped and prayed for him to improve soon so I could get my father back. At this point in my life, I wanted nothing more than to have it forever and always, exactly as promised.

Two months without my dad tearing me around. That made me realize how he really meant for me and how much I was dependent on him. Life without him is like going to a dark room that didn't know where to go, what to think, or how I got there. You don't know where to turn or what to do. Life without my father is like waking up from a nightmare and realizing that everything you just dreamed in your mind was real. Without him, I had no hope, no dreams, no happiness, no joy, no laughter, no smile; it lived lifeless. After two months, feeling like a dark trick God was playing, my dad returned.

My father's return was not a return at all. He came back, but he wasn't the same. In fact, he didn't get better … he got worse in the hospital. Depression took him completely and killed the man we all loved and missed; it made him live in the pain of dying again and again. This dark illness, of which I knew nothing, killed my father. He was a good man, he didn't deserve to die. I never knew anyone to die. I've never seen anyone before the end of my life, but sometimes I've been wondering what it would be like to lose someone. The only thing I remembered was that I took my arm off my body, you always feel like it's there, but if you really needed it, it wouldn't be there at all and would never come back. When I really needed my father, he was always there, no matter what it was, I could only look at him and see the love behind his eyes. Now that he was ill, when I looked into his eyes, I saw only death. I saw the death of each day we spent together, every time he promised to be here forever, every warm embrace of his never-ending embraces, the comfort of knowing that I always had someone who unconditionally loved me and the death of my father.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 5:45 PM, a police resident reports 3 shots from missiles and strange shouts coming from 244 lane west, Alpharetta Georgia. Inside the abandoned house, investigators discovered a 47-year-old man in the living room of a cool abandoned house, completely soaked in blood and holding a gun. He died. At 17:41 a man shot on a target that he drew on the wall. 5:43 the next shot disappears and hits the target exactly in the center. 5:45 the man shot himself in the chest and fell to the ground for later discovery on Wednesday, December 7, 2005 at 6:08 pm.

Mark Joseph Beausir was a man who proved to be a wonderfully successful father of three children. He was a good man and a caring and faithful husband of Amy Beausir. He was CEO of a successful software company in Alpharetta, Georgia. Six feet Six inches, standing high and close to God. He was a big guy with a heart that could only be compared to the size of his smile. Mark provided his family well and was always involved in his church and children. lives. He attended the church every Sunday and was a coach for each team his three children were involved with. Every chance he was given showed love to the people that mattered, and even more to the people who didn't care. Mark had a huge family with so much love and even more heart. He was a beautiful man and lived a beautiful, incredible life.

Born on 14 August 1958, died 47 years later on 7 December 2005, Mark lived only a short time. Forty-seven years of pure love, laughter and time, 24719556 minutes, 1779848640 heart beats, 296438400 breaths, 121 liters of tears, 38352 hours of computer use, 46318400 walking steps, 20160 minutes of kissing, 10,000 chocolate bars, 150 pounds of sugar ate .. For this particular person, 4 broken hearts plus one broken promise. Looking back at my father's life, he wouldn't remember any of that. We thought of him and thought of all the love he gave us and how much he touched our lives. The average person is expected to live at the age of 72. This man was missing 25 Christmas holidays, 25 Valentine's days, 3 sweet sixteen parties, 2 girls 'weddings' weddings, 1 boy growing up in a man, graduation from three very successful college students he helped raise, victory score, school record for girls broke & # 39; high jump, 7 stitches and 3 twisted ankles, missed the broken heart of a sad teenage girl and broke the face of one disappointing teenage boy, missed teaching his kids how to ride for the first time, meet new friends and hate old friends and missed when he saw the first steps of his grandchildren and spoiled them rotten, they lacked a new joke and thought about the old ones, he missed seeing his children grow and, above all, we missed him.

The average person spends laughing 63 hours a year, Mark was an exceptional person, but he still had 99225 hours of endless laughter. Mark still had 788923150 seconds of life to live, but his life was taken from him by this heartbreaking darkness that we called disease. He left me behind, but I know deep in my heart, he will always be by my side. I hope to see him again someday and I like to think he's still looking at me like he said.

There are more than 100 billion stars in our universe. A new class of Supergiant Binary stars was discovered on December 7, 2005. There was one special among these stars. It was the greatest giant, the brightest binary star ever discovered. The scientists were amazed by this discovery and called it "The Pistol Star." It had a solar mass of 80-150 and shone brighter than any other star in the sky, a real miracle.

On Tuesday, December 7, 2010, five years have passed since my dad died, and he still feels like the same wound opens every day. I lay in bed and dreamed. He dreams of you, of a wonderful father I have lost and will miss forever. He dreams of endless life without fear and pain. He dreams of days when the sun will never stop shining and you will be by my side. I dreamed of the day you drove everywhere and anywhere until we ended up in a place called nowhere. Where I looked into the sky at the shining stars and wished you stayed here forever. I looked at you and asked what happened when we died. You looked me straight in the eye and said, “When I'm gone, you just look at the sky and promise to be there, I look down at you with a smile. I will shine brighter than any star in the sky, just for you. "A bright and famous pistol star still shines to this day, brighter than any other star in our galaxy. It was born on December 7, 2005 … the day you died.


How long does it usually take to settle a car accident?


After a serious traffic accident, people often demand a quick settlement of their claims for a car accident. However, there are some considerations that determine how long the settlement process will take and whether it is in your best interest to try to resolve it as quickly as possible. This article will explain how long it will take to settle a car accident, depending on how long you spend on treatment, and then how long it takes to negotiate a settlement.

Compensation based on an accident usually comes from the insurance company of the defective driver. Professional liquidators and other employees of this insurance company are not looking for you, their task is to find employers and pay you as little as possible. They do not have to pay your medical bills, lost wages or other expenses as they accumulate. In most cases, you will receive one amount from the attorney, who will permanently and completely replace your claim.

Before you can negotiate, you need to complete all your medical treatment and get expert medical advice on permanent damage. If you resolve your case and later realize that you still need more medical treatment or that you never fully recover, it may be impossible to go back to the insurance company and ask for more money. In severe cases of car accidents, treatment may take a year or more. These cases may take longer to process. In smaller cases, such as one visit to an emergency room, settlement times can be much faster.

The insurance company also expects you to fully and professionally present your claim and negotiate the maximum amount you can earn. It is not unusual at all, even in cases of serious injury and obvious fault of the insurance company, to initially reject an insurance claim jointly or offer only a small fraction of what the final value will be. The quick settlement or acceptance of an insurance company's first offer may not be in your best financial interest. It is not unusual for each party to spend a few days assessing the last settlement offer or offer before deciding their next move.


Create better foundations with the solution of water corrosion from the back wall


Waterproofing with membranes is time-consuming. You need to think about the preparation time, the weather delay and the time it takes to cure the concrete. All these aspects extend the time needed to complete the construction schedule. With the Rub-R-Wall waterproofing solution, it is easy to reduce delays and save time. This also leads to an accelerated design that reduced overhead costs. This is an advantage for the owners because they can immediately occupy the buildings and it also increases income. Rub-R-Wall waterproof refers to the liquid that is applied to the individual rubber components.

Temperatures for this purpose must be set ideally and for this reason it is ideal to hire a professional company to do them. The membrane is designed to provide exceptional grip. In addition, it also has excellent internal strength and is elastic, which facilitates expansion and contraction, thus bridging structural gaps by a wide span. This waterproofing solution is used in industrial institutional and commercial applications. It also offers a number of benefits, some of which are highlighted below.

1. Unlike other waterproofing solutions, it is not susceptible to damage later, because it does not contain 100% asphalt.

2. Not carcinogenic and non-toxic. For this reason, it does not discharge any chemicals into groundwater or soil. It is this aspect that makes the choice environmentally friendly.

3. The membrane is designed to resist attack of algae, fungi and bacteria. This ensures that the excellent performance of the property is well maintained and the property is not exposed to gases and chemicals present in the soil.

4. The solution also comes with a lifetime warranty and complies with building regulations. It is the best waterproofing solution and is guaranteed to prevent water from passing under static pressure.

The use of this waterproof solution is diverse. It can be used inter alia in foundation walls, ramps, tunnels, reptiles, corridors and bridges. To ensure that you get the most out of your waterproofing solution, you should carefully consider your options. You can also get the services of a company capable of repairing existing foundations that have water leakage problems. This will ensure that appropriate moisture barriers are created and that damage caused by water leaks is eliminated. The Rub-R-Wall waterproof solution should not be overlooked as it offers all these benefits and more.

Choosing the best waterproof material also involves taking into account the appropriate method of application. Some waterproof materials require special types of applications that you may not know. Initial applications may require the application of different layers of waterproof materials. However, if you are performing an annual waterproof application, you may be required to apply partial or complex re-application. When performing the initial application, you should consider using products that are ideal for a variety of waterproof materials.

Waterproof treatment is ideal for brick, wood and concrete surfaces. By choosing a waterproof material that can be used on different surfaces of your building, you can save a considerable amount of time and money. The length of the surface you want waterproof is crucial as it determines the amount of money you will use to purchase the waterproof material. It is also important to consider the safety of your waterproof material. You should not buy materials that expose you and your pets to serious health risks. Bottom line is to choose a waterproof material that continues with less coating.


The best family holidays for teenagers


As your children grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to find holiday destinations that keep them entertained and are also considered “cool” or “advice”. It seems that teenagers would prefer to send text to their friends all day, rather than Facebook, then spend time with their family at any time. If your children are something similar to our son, they probably think you have old fashion and make your style a bit cramped. Our son is now 15 and I swear he ate the little boy we used to have and left us with this tall, hairy man with a deep voice as a substitute :). As my wife, we are struggling with the fact that our son is turning into a wonderful young man, but we really do not want to give up those precious family vacations. Gone are the days when he loved Mickey Mouse and couldn't wait to see the Shama whale, but we moved on to other things and found that we could have fun as a family.

When searching for a great destination for a teen vacation there are a few things that you need to consider. Teens love things that keep their body and mind entertained, and also want to see other teens around. If your children are age apart, you might want to consider whether your teen should have a friend with you. It provides both escorts, but also can help limit the continuous sending of text messages they do. Here are some excellent options for teenagers that you might want to consider and which should keep their body and mind moving.

Beach Vacations

The beaches offer an amazing amount of activities for families and teens. My family especially loves three beaches: Outer Banks, Destin Florida and South Padre Island. I know there are many others, but these were our favorites.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are a great place for a family. There are not only plenty of hotel and leisure options, but a few excellent campsites. Teens can hunt, surf the classroom, rent a waverunner or visit the lighthouse. When we were there, you could even have a small night fire on the beach with permission.

Destin Florida is one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA. The water is clear and looks more like what you would see in Cancun. Along with your normal beach activities, Destin also has a lot to offer. In the city you can enjoy parasailing, boating and even water parks. Destino also has a great nightlife that your teenagers will love.

South Padre Island is one of our favorite and we came back almost every year. The island is connected to the mainland by a long bridge or dam. The island hosts some of the biggest spring breaks, but during summer the place is family-oriented. There are many miles of beaches that offer teen volleyball nets, banana rides, waverunner rental and just the sun. There is also a great pirate ship that has fantastic day trips. And yes, your teen will love it!

Cruise Vacations

Cruising is by far one of our son's favorite things. Cruise ships these days are entirely geared towards all age groups and teens are no exception. Cruises allow your family to spend time together, but also give your teens a chance to get away from you. Almost all cruise lines offer children's programs, including teen centers, which usually offer video games, hangout zones, organized dances and even some great hunting hunters. Since the mobile service is provided for the price of cruise ships, we do not allow our son to bring a phone. No phone! How will he survive? Guess what, he found a lot of work and never missed it.

Washington DC

Really? Yeah, Washington DC is a great place to get teens. When you start studying American history at school, you will find that they really like to see things like the Declaration of Independence and the Smithsonian Museum. My son was next to him when we took him to the Air and Space Museum. Washington DC takes a lot of walking and is best for kids who have the stamina to walk a few miles every day. If you contact your prosecutors, you can get gallery tickets and watch Congress in session. At first my son wasn't sure, but he found himself very interesting. There are also plenty of places to just sit and people watch. Regardless of your teen, I think they will think DC is cool.

Yellowstone national park

Last but not least, Yellowstone National Park is a great family holiday. The places are beautiful and wildlife is plentiful. In fact, we camped at the RV in West Yellowstone and we really enjoyed the experience. Anyone who loves hiking or climbing will love the options available at Yellowstone. It can be both physical and relaxed as you want. We chose somewhere in the middle and walked through many places and walked through the park for several days. Remember that Yellowstone is huge (over 3400 square miles) and may take several days to display. We found that we spend time with my child to plan our activities in advance insured we visited the entertainment options for teens.


Remember that your children will not be home forever and it is important to spend some time with them, especially when they are teenagers. Spend some time planning and listen to what they like to do. Engaging your teenager in planning gives them some responsibility for the trip and brings a better overall experience for all.


Does your doctor call a house outside the country?


Doctors accompany clients to holiday homes and luxury spa recovery centers. Standards and accreditation are international efforts.

For years, the rich and famous have been taking discreet trips to the country to participate in locking / tucking, rehabilitation and other medical endeavors. The average American can now enjoy an international medical escape and take the whole family for less than $ 40,000 for one knee surgery in America.

The United States was included in the World Health Organization as the number 37, and in 2008 one million people traveled outside the United States for medical services. It seems that medical retreats in tropical 'luxury' spas sound better and better.

You need an operation – it will travel

Health tourism, which was recently created as such, has existed since the Romans traveled to heal in mystical locations. In modern terms, top services are traveled;

o Plastic and reconstructive surgery

o Cosmetic and general dentistry

About Bariactric medicine

o Treatment of addiction

o General practice

o Health and wellness

If you are already one of the millions of travelers or are considering adding these numbers, you will want to know what it all means.

Doctors around the world connect to their clients in airplanes, foreign hospital rooms, and five-star spa rehabilitation centers reminiscent of luxury hotels. Their alliance with international countries enables them to be profitable and exotic. Some may be attracted by relaxed laws for more experimental procedures, such as stem cell research innovations that have not yet been approved in the US.

Today's providers like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and Harvard (to name a few) boast overseas facilities. According to BusinessWeek, Blue Cross & Blue Shield in South Carolina in 2008 also signed a strategic alliance with seven overseas hospitals.

Your doctor can already book appointments in Guatemala, Thailand, Costa Rica or the Philippines. I'm just asking. In Thailand, for example, 1.5 million people were reported for medical tourism in 2007. Doctors from around the world are registered to practice there. The reach is global as well as responsibility.

Medical marketing

My recent trip to Costa Rica for medical tourism included meeting with doctors, spas, government officials and encouraging a call for action for accreditation at spa and spa centers. The first medical tourism congress was held in Costa Rica last year and is rapidly adapting to the industry's leading position.

Proud advertisements, incentives and medical tourism "accompanying packages" attract great attention to foreign medical institutions and their spa and leisure partners. Medical tourism can bring economic growth, prestige, international alliances and goodwill. It also raises a great deal of medical standards and the accreditation of a health spa. How will he care for the exodus of foreign patients? Growth also produces sharp contrasts with high spending on attracting health tourists with glittering centers and improving airports compared to lower public health care for their nationals. For the purposes of this article, let's hold the first question. Standards.

Trust and patient loyalty

The national call for action, supported by the government and interested in accreditation, is a great starting point and was the topic of my meeting with the head of staff of the Department of Competitiveness in Costa Rica, Massimo Manzi. In cooperation with the International Tourism Council, we discussed the expectations of growth in medical tourism and the need for accreditation standards for spa / medical spas.

International standards are required to effectively intersect with increasing health tourism and their partner resorts for spa recovery. The spa has become an attractive soft side of medical tourism and a huge part of its growth. The need, especially in Costa Rica, is to create strong local incentives, build partnerships and form associations. For example, the Costa Rican Spa and Wellness Association, which should be launched this year. After all, the goal is competitiveness and confidence in potential clients.

Most countries use their own methodology to ensure standards where there is unification and how far does accreditation go at a global level?

According to the Association of Medical Tourism, the “Quality of Care” program works on this and worldwide standards of medical tourism. "This project should help the growth of medical tourism and help patients feel more comfortable and confident when they go overseas for surgery … our mission of providing" transparency "in the quality of care data in the world of medical tourism / global health. "Medical tourism associations worldwide are major hospitals providing these operations already accredited by JCI, Joint Commission International, including CIMA and Clinica Biblica in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. JCI ensures that hospitals are standard or off. We are committed to providing our expertise in spa quality and managing a national call for action in Costa Rica, and spa standards, especially medically related ones, must also be held to a high level of responsibility or abolished.

Professional feedback

We spoke with the founder of the Day Spa Association, Hannelore Leavy, on this subject and her interest in working with various countries according to the guidelines of the DSA, Day Spa Association or IMSA, the International Medical Spa Association. According to Hannelor, "These guidelines form the basis of our accreditation programs, which can be adapted to the local laws of each country's regulatory regulators." The DSA statement includes "… continuously improving professionalism and quality services …" and the IMSA statement ". .. continuous improvement of the practical but strict ethical code based on the highest standards of care and regulated peer review. "

Continuous increase is a good way to boost growth in this sector and a key distinguishing element on which we will work in this case.

Statistics from Costa Rica's Tourist Board show approximately 250 medical and cosmetic surgery operations performed each month in Costa Rican hospitals. Ninety percent of them are done on foreigners. This is no surprise when you see the difference in costs.

Tummy tucking: $ 10,000 CR $ 4,500

Facelift: $ 12,000 CR $ 4,700

With several major hospitals and over 500 spa facilities in Costa Rica, you have a choice to go. Hopefully one accredited by JCI and an international association specializing in spa standards. In this case, build on the accreditation of Costa Rica Spa and Wellness Association or DSA / IMSA as world partners.

Whether clients are encouraged by compulsory health problems or compulsive desires, health tourism is booming. This means greater need for strict standards and fierce competition. The competition stimulates strategy. Strategy, creativity. Creativity, possibility of cutting corners. Especially if underdeveloped countries can strongly depend on the number of tourists and medical tourism for economic growth.

There are many associations dedicated to the voice of the industry, including IMSA, the Medical Tourism Association and the International Chamber of Commerce of Health Tourism, all of which are making great progress in standards and uniformity.

Connect to noise

This industry has many layers of onion, with more discoverable. Let's not allow "medical imperialism" with bigotry towards foreign doctors, "race" of prestigious US medical facilities to establish foreign satellites, or even fear of competition, to go beyond the real problems of patient care and international efforts in providing medical tourism / medical spa / spa standards.

I may be an idealist and I hope we have a few, but I believe that we can continue to force foreign officials to their desire for accreditation and to strike a balance for all concerned. I will continue to support the growth of standards and creativity without cutting myself apart.

You can join the cause and join the noise by contacting Costa Rica officials regarding Spa / Medical Spa standards and ensuring our national call to action and the launch of a local spa association. Send comments to government officials to support your concerns and the need for an evaluation system with association and standards requirements;

President of ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Council) – Carlos Ricardo Benevides

o Central office: 011 506 2299 5800

o Minister of Tourism Planning – Antonio Farah

o Central office: 011 506 2299 5293

o Minister for Competitiveness – Massimo Manzi

o Central office: 011 506 2299 5293

In the meantime, enjoy medical travel and don't forget to enjoy some of the cultural aspects of the beautiful countries that host foreign medical tourists. Let's spread the word. Make a difference.


5 things you should know about Diary – Headhunters of Borneo, Malaysia


Malaysia is an exotic country – with a mix of modern and colonial buildings, it flows into high technology and ancient cultures. As a result, it is not surprising that Malaysia is listed in one of the 10 most visited regions on Earth.

One of the most fascinating things about Malaysia is the people themselves. Here we look at 5 things you should know about Dayak – a tribe living in Borneo with the legend that they are terrible warheads.

Dayak were the main hunters of Borneo

The Dayaks were known for practicing headhunting and, in antiquity, had the ghostly reputation of a strong and successful fighting tribe. They shared their homes by living in long stilts built on stilts, holding the main trophies in the cottage as a sign of bravery in battle and bringing prestige to the victorious warrior.

The culture of headhunting no longer takes place, but the tribe was still known as a rough territory. In 2001, Dayak, armed with lances, machetes and blowpipes, roamed a market town in the Indonesian province of Borneo to squeeze out an Indonesian migrant who they claimed to have taken up their jobs and land.

In less than a week of violence, 200 migrants were killed. They were either hacked with traditional Borneo swords or shot with poisoned shotgun darts.

2. Rich culture

Animator Dayak (most of them now Christian) observes Christian and traditional ceremonies, especially during marriages or festivals.

Major festivals include the Gawai Dayak Rice Harvest Festival, the Gawai Burong Bird Festival and the Gawai Antu Spiritual Festival.

During the festival, Dayak meets to drink rice wine called tuak and perform a unique war dance called ngajat (depicting a man going to war or a bird flying in respect of war lord Iban).

Visitors to long cottages (or rumah panjang) are usually invited to witness dance and take part in a drinking ceremony with the chief of the cottage as their host.

3. Singer-actress Jessica Alba was Dayak

Jessica starred in Dayak in the movie Sleeping Dictionary 2003 by Guy Jenkin. Filmed in Sarawak and set up during British colonial rule in the 1930s, Jessica played the role of a woman sleeping with a young and naive Englishman, John Truscott (played by Hugh Dancy) who went to Borneo to try to use her father and # 39; working for Iban.

The love story was based on the concept of ngayapa, which was Iban's way of courtship practiced in the early 1920s and 1930s. Jenkins combined the story with the story of young British who were sent to jungle bases and were "thrown to the deep end" when they had to learn the local language in express time.

The movie never went big, but won several DVDx awards, including Best Actress Jessica Alba.

4. Couring girls at night (ngayap)

Coursing in ngayapa is a test of courage and maturity for young boys because they have to travel through the woods, across rivers or swamps at night to reach the girls. longhouse. The night courtship should not last longer than 3 nights and at the end of the trial the boy will be asked if he has a serious relationship with the girl.

Night courtships are agreed in advance with the girl and should not involve more than a series of interviews so that both parties know each other.

In the head of the hunting days, this kind of night travel could be a very risky business, as they could fall on a group of marauding enemies. But as Dayak is known as a tribe of warriors, night courtship is accepted as a sign of bravery puzzles.

5. Modernized Dayak

The dayaks are supposed to be calmer and more hospitable today than those during the colonial era. Some of the long-term chalets are now equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator and internet.

The days when headhunting is the norm are long gone, and although it is a tradition, dayak tattoos are increasingly becoming a symbol of heritage and culture. The increasingly urbanized Dayak is reduced to an exhausted past, and the ancient crafts of shipbuilding, weaving, dancing and tattoos are dying rapidly.


Interesting facts about supermodels!


United States

Did you know – Christie Brinkley, an admirer of former French leader Charles de Gaulle, was one of the most famous supermodels of the twentieth century. According to manager John Casablancase “she was a type of flowers and children. A cute doll of a girl, too fragile to be sexy ”. Losing-born Brinkley has worked with some of the most recognized model agencies, including Eileen Ford and Elite Model Management. She also appeared in a video for Billy Joel's hit single "Uptown Girl" in 1983.

Bangladesh (Asia)

Did you know – Bibi Russell placed Bangladesh, a dark English-speaking country in Asia, on the map when it became one of the world's largest supermodels in the 1970s. Like Irene Khan, Sheik Hassina Wajed and Mohamed Yunus, Russell is the national symbol of Bangladesh, one of the poorest nations on Earth.

Mexico (Latin America)

Did you know- 26-year-old Mexican Elsa Benitez, the most beautiful girl in the country since Maria "La Doña" Felix, was one of the 12 celebrities selected as Judge in the 2004 Miss Universe in Quito, Ecuador, along with Olympic champion Jefferson Perez and Cuban American producer Emilio Estefan . Miss Benitez, 1.80 high, comes from Hermosillo, Sonora.

United States

Did you know – Today you asked people to name a beautiful woman, most of whom would mention someone like Tyra Banks. Banks, which are extremely popular in America, Europe, Japan and China, are considered to be one of the largest supermodels of all time at a height of 1.78 m. She is undoubtedly known for her elegance and unique personality. Banks modeled the best fashion designers including Donna Karan, Isaac Mizrahi, Rifat Ozbek, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger and many others. She has also appeared in major films such as "Higher Learning" (1995), Coyote Ugly (2000), "Halloween Resurrection" (2003) and "Hannah Montana: The Movie" (2009), as Flo Hyman, one of the world's best of volleyball players in the 20th century, Tyra Banks was born in Inglewood, California.

Argentina (South America)

Did you know- Valeria Mazza, a tall blonde and blue-eyed model, was born in Argentina, America, who was obsessed with beauty. Since then, she has been one of Argentina's most famous women, along with Eva Duarte de Perón (former First Lady), Paloma Herrera (dancer), Norma Leandro (actress) and Jeanette Campbell (who won silver at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin) . Since 2000, Mazza has occasionally appeared in commercials in her home country and other Latin American countries.

Denmark (Europe)

Did you know- In July 1986, Helena Christensen, at that time Miss Denmark, was wearing traditional peasant dresses during the opening ceremony at the Miss Universe Pageant 1986 in the Central American nation in Panama. However, Copenhagen was not impressed by a major jury that included Don Correia (actor Broadway) and Jose Quintero (director of panamanic theater), as well as Paloma San Basilio (Spanish singer) and Shawn Weatherly (Miss South Carolina, Miss USA and Miss Universe 1980). Unlike Monika Urbina (Colombian delegate), Christy Fichtner (American contestant), Susanna Huckstep (Miss Italy & Miss Photogenic Universe) and Barbara Palacios (Miss South America and Miss Venezuela), Christensen was not a pre-starred in the Miss Universe contest. . In the Swimsuit she had 7,720 points behind Zaire / DR Congo (8,210), Reunion (8,110), Paraguay (7,780) and Miss Guatemala (7,560).

Germany (Europe)

Did you know – In the early 1990s, German Claudia Schiffer from Rheinbach came to Lima in Peru for an official visit. It was one of Europe's most famous twentieth-century models.

Sudan (Africa)

Did you know- In the late 1990s, Sudanese refugee Alek Wek, a sculptural black woman, shocked the world when she became a professional model in the UK and the US. She was one of the 420,000 refugees who fled Sudan in the last century. As many Sudanese, including Lopez Lamong (now an American athlete) and Macharia Yuot (sportswoman), Miss Wek escaped from her country, a sub-Saharan African nation devastated by civil wars, AIDS, poverty, genocide, famine and pro-terrorist warriors (in fact none another African state has not suffered so much tragedy). Undoubtedly, it is currently an inspiration for women / refugees in the Third World, including its homeland, where there are any number of women / children living in slave conditions. Moreover, this girl is not only one of the most successful African models, but also an African symbol. In recent years, the spectacular Sudanese model of Wek has supported a variety of non-profit organizations, including Amnesty International and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). On the other hand, unfortunately, the Sudanese government is persona non grata, one of the most brutal regimes in the world, along with other tyrannies like Cuba, Burma and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

United Kingdom

Did you know- London is the birthplace of Naomi Campbell, the British top supermodel. Miss Campbell is also one of the most beautiful blacks in the world. In addition, she has a career as a TV host and actress.

India (Asia)

Did you know- During her brief but meteoric career as a professional model, Indian Aishwarya Rai, now a successful actress in Bollywood, captured the hearts of critics and the public. In the late 1990s she was one of the world's best supermodels.

Brazil (South America)

Did you know- It is virtually impossible to talk about supermodels without mentioning Gisele Bundchen. Brazilian Bundchen, a blue-eyed blonde, is one of the best-paid supermodels in the world. Since then it has been a new idol of the Brazilian people.

Somalia (Africa)

Did you know- Iman was one of the most successful black models in the world. She, fluent in English, was pulled out of Africa to work as a model in New York in the late 1970s. The Five-Eight Beauty of Somalia has married David Bowie, a rock star and actor since 1992. That year, she returned to Somalia, a land destroyed by war on the African mainland, as a heroine of the people. Iman once said of her nation: “My whole nation is graceful. No one has to tell us how to walk or how to stand. We have air, dignity: whatever happens, keep your head up. but it's not. It's like a duck sliding on the water. Below her surface, where no one sees, her legs tremble ”. She has appeared in many movies and music videos.


Did you know – Few stars have had a career as diverse as Margaux Hemingway. In addition to being considered one of the most paid supermodels in the world (known for a $ 1 million Fabergé contract), the actress was Miss Hemingway. In the 1970s she was an important celebrity jet.

Venezuela (Latin America)

Did you know – Venezuela has created several beauties, from Albany Josefina Lozada and Martina Thorogood Heemsen to Maria Milagros Veliz, but a special case is Patricia Velasquez, who is half-indigenous. Before being selected as a model, she participated in Miss Venezuela in 1989 with the support of fashion designer Mayely Camacho, where she was a finalist. In the early 1990s she left Caracas for Europe, where she impressed her managers with her native beauty and soon became one of the most popular international models. Like Cathy Freeman, Evonne Goolagong, Jim Thorpe and Rigoberta Mencha, it is a symbol of indigenous pride. In recent years Velasquez has been involved in efforts to rescue the indigenous people of Latin America. Comes from Maracaibo in the north of Venezuela.

Australia (Oceania)

Did you know- Elle MacPherson was the best Australian model ever.


Incorrect or unsuccessful diagnosis of meningitis can be fatal


Failure to diagnose bacterial meningitis, severe infection with the spinal fluid and the fluid surrounding the brain is an incorrect medical procedure and is often associated with claims that the doctor has not properly cured the disease. Meningitis is most often caused by three different bacteria or virus. Bacteria that cause meningitis spread through direct close contact with the discharge of the infected person's nose or throat.

Early detection is key

Meningitis can be treated with antibiotics depending on when the disease was first diagnosed and how advanced the infection has become. Meningitis is caused by a virus or bacteria, and knowing the specific cause is important because of the differences in the severity of the disease and the way it should be treated. Bacterial meningitis is much more severe than viral meningitis and can result in brain damage or even death.

Bacterial meningitis occurs all over the world and the bacteria that cause it often live in the mouth and throat of a person without causing any damage. In rare cases, however, they can break through the body's immune system and travel to the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord, where they begin to multiply rapidly. Soon, the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord becomes swollen and inflamed, leading to meningitis.

Symptoms of illness

Symptoms of meningitis are most often stiff neck, high fever and headaches and may take two to two days to develop. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness and sensitivity to light. When the disease is advanced, bruises form under the skin and then spread across the body. Bacterial meningitis is most common in infants and children, but anyone can develop it. It is diagnosed by growing bacteria from a spinal cord sample obtained by the spinal cord. Proper identification of the bacteria responsible for meningitis is essential for the correct choice of antibiotic treatment.

Doctors often fail to diagnose or misdiagnose bacterial meningitis, resulting in failure to properly treat the patient. Failure to properly diagnose meningitis can have serious consequences, including severe brain damage and death.

Because children often suffer from meningitis, the communication of symptoms is often not clear, which makes the diagnosis even worse. A doctor's delay in recognizing the symptoms of this disease can significantly reduce the patient's chance of survival. Ironically, the symptoms of this terrible disease are often similar to those of flu, which could be one of the reasons why bacterial meningitis is often absent.

At the first indication of bacterial meningitis, competent physicians would order a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to confirm or rule out the diagnosis. If the patient does not have spinal symptoms, if they develop symptoms of meningitis, this may lead to negligence. Ten percent of people with meningitis die and many others suffer unnecessary permanent injuries because their doctor immediately diagnosed the disease and treated it properly.


Taj Mahal Agra Tour


The Taj Mahal Agra tour is one of the most revered tours to incredible India. Tourists want to visit Tam Mahal once in a lifetime. The Taj Mahal Agra tour route will lead you to Taj Mahal, the most extravagant monument to love. While exploring Agra, you can explore other Mughal landmarks in Fatehpur Sikri World Heritage Site and in Sikandra on the Delhi-Agra motorway.

Taj Mahal attracts millions of tourists from all over the world in a year. Domestic and foreign tourists visit the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh. The Taj is truly an architectural miracle and the main reason for its universal appeal is the Epitome created for love. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mausoleum to immortalize his love for his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal, who died at the birth of a child. The architecture of white Taj marble makes magic at first glance. The intricate carvings, the arcade, the garden in front of the Tad make the traveler not perceive.

Agra is 204 km from Delhi, the capital of India. One must first reach Delhi in order to reach this Mughal monument. Agra is just a 4-hour drive from Delhi. Heading towards Agra of Delhi, you can stop by in Sikandra and explore the Tomb of Emperor Akbar, who is also a masterpiece of Mughal's architecture.

Morning or evening view of the Taj is more beautiful. One has to explore the changing tones of the Taj at sunrise or sunset. Taj has a new look at this time. The Marble Symphony of Taj is stunning. The beauty of Taj by the word inexpressible. One can only feel it when looking at one's own eyes.

The Agra Taj Mahal tour also includes a tour of Agra Fort, It-mad-Daula Tomb, and Fatehpur Sikri, the abandoned capital of Mughal. They are all a sign of the masterpieces of Mughal architecture.

The tour of Agra is virtually incomplete if one does not try the agra kitchen. Agra Heritage Hotels have dining places that serve Mughalai cuisine. One should also explore Agra markets to pick up craft products.


We pick the ideal national park for your family vacation


There are so many decisions that go into making holiday decisions. When it concerns more than just you and your friend or a significant other, it seems even more complicated. Small and even family vacations should not make you drink or pull out all your hair. These are just a few tips to help make your choice a little less stressful.

The first and easiest thing to ask yourself is what you and the people you are going to love to do? Are you totally outdoor people, strictly inner types or combinations? Are you all athletic or in good shape? Do you like warm weather, mild or cold season? Are you interested in a program that you would like to visit or are you activity-oriented? Do you enjoy roughing or want more comfort? Do you like camping, fishing, hiking, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, bird watching, wildlife watching, history, discovering some of the unique parks, snorkeling, swimming, diving, sailing, boating , kayaking, white water rafting, photography, hunting or just lounging in beautiful places?

Another thing to consider is how much you need to spend and how much time you have. There are so many national parks and monuments that are relatively close to people, so it's not expensive to get there. Some of the exciting wilderness areas in Alaska can be expensive to get to, but if you have the money and enjoy the great outdoors, it is definitely worth experiencing an incredible experience that you won't forget soon.

As mentioned, all you have to do is select your destination. Keep in mind that almost every area has cheap travel options and moves from there to more expensive ones. Also, going to a national park does not mean that you have to "roughly". There are plenty of options for daily hiking, climbing, fishing, water sports, etc. That do not involve sitting around a campfire enjoying a great outdoors if it just isn't your style.

Camping is generally considered the cheapest type of vacation after you make an initial investment in supplying campsites. This may be a tidy amount, but keep in mind that the device usually takes several years. Generally, park camping fees are cheaper than the average hotel room. And if you own an RV, you can camp in real comfort. Most campsites are in beautiful surroundings and provide easy access to the park's tops. There are very few parks that have no campsites. Also when camping, you usually cook your own food, which also saves you money. And no, you don't have to eat hotdogs all week unless that's what you love!

Now, if you live in the Midwest, there are plenty of parking options within driving distance that last no more than twelve hours or less, depending on where you live. Of course, you can always decide to fly anywhere, but some parks are a bit distant from the nearest airport. Driving will give you the luxury to take everything you think you need for a comfortable stay.

My favorite choice for the Midwest is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is hands down one of the best versatile parks for the family. It falls into the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. You can decide to roughen it on the Appalachian Trail, become a developed camp or wilderness, or stay anywhere from luxury apartments to nice budget hotels in nearby Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. And speaking of Pigeon Forge, you have Dollywood and all the countless attractions they offer in the area. On the North Carolina side you have more campsites, the city of Cherokee, which has several Indian souvenirs and museums, whitewater rafting and fly fishing (the last two are actually offered in both states). The mountains are absolutely beautiful and create great photography operations. Please see our Great Smoky Mountain website for more details.

Another great choice is Indiana Dunes Lakeshore National Park and State Park. They also have camping and wildlife watching, especially bird watching. The unique coastline allows for walking along the beach or swimming in Lake Michigan. They even have areas where you can bring your own horses and go horseback riding. For those of you who love sights and history, you can see the five 1933 World Fair Houses or attend a rally in Calumic at the beginning of May, where East Indians and fur traders and Western Great Lakes Voyageurs are rediscovering, what life was like on Calumet. River from 1730 to 1830.

If you enjoy boating, there are several places in the Midwest, but the two northern ones are Voyageurs National Park and Isle Royale National Park. Voyageurs is in Minnesota and Isle Royale is off the northern shore of Michigan on Lake Superior. Both offer great adventure in the wild as well as canoeing, kayaking, motor boating and fishing opportunities. Voyageurs is considered a water park, which means you have to take the boat to a real park, but it's a short journey. There are camping sites or cottages where you can stay, which will help you equip you, allowing you to sail on the waterways and find the great fishing spots. Isle Royale is a long boat trip or a short diving trip. It only has a wilderness camp, but also has a cottage for those who enjoy only daytime hiking and comfort. There is kayaking, fishing, backpacking, wildlife, with the longest running research program studying wolves and elk, diving and shipwrecks. This is a truly unique ecosystem observed.

The western US has much more to offer in national parks. The most famous is Yellowstone, where you will see Old Faithful and lots of other geothermal wonders and one of the few places in the lower 48 to observe grizzly bears up close. You will also see bison roaming very close, so be careful. Located on the border of Wyoming and Montana. There are many ranches and lodges where you can stay or you can camp in the park. There is also great fly fishing, kayaking, climbing and backpacking. Another biggie is Grand Canyon National Park. This is in Arizona, again on the border of Arizona and Nevada, but also near the southern border of Utah. It is part of the Great Staircase, a vast sequence of sedimentary rock strata that runs south of Bryce Canyon National Park, through Zion National Park (both in Utah) and ends at the Grand Canyon. There is a campsite, backpack, day hiking, whitewater rafting and plenty of photography opportunities.

Other great parks (although all are great places to visit) in the west are Yosemite, Channel Islands, Redwood, Arches, Olympic, Grand Teton, Canyonlands, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon of Gunnison, Mesa Verde, Crater Lake, Mt. Rainier and Sequoia. All of these activities have a wide range of activities to suit the needs and desires of vacationers. Please have a look at our individual park pages for more information on each of these excellent parks.

The eastern United States also offer great holiday options. Acadia National Park in Maine has unparalleled views of the North Ocean and rock climbing that you will not find in other parks. Fishing, island exploration, hiking and beautiful gardens are also available. Further to the east is Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The Appalachian Trail runs through the park for 101 miles and offers plenty of hiking and hiking opportunities. Camping, fishing, bird watching and horse riding are also available.

In Florida you will find three national parks and one preserve, the most famous being the Everglades. Everglades is much more than what you saw on TV. Wildlife is phenomenal and makes it easy to get some great shots of animals and birds. There is also a wilderness camping (watch out for alligators!) Canoeing, fishing, motor boat rides, hiking and rare and beautiful flora. The Great Cypress National Reserve is right next to the Everglades and is very similar, but also offers cypress stands, mangrove forests, endangered species of wildlife such as the Peregrine Falcon and the Panther in Florida. Activities include fishing, cycling, canoeing, hiking and hunting. Biscayne National Park is off the eastern tip of southern Florida. The third longest coral reef in the world is snorkeling, diving trips, sailing, swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, making it a glorious holiday in the national park for family vacations or outdoor spring breaks. Dry Tortugas National Park is a unique Fort Jefferson protecting park, built during the Civil War and never completed, and a nesting place for terns and sea turtles. You will enjoy snorkeling in Key West, saltwater fishing, swimming, lighthouses, wounds, hiking, beach camping, boating, diving, bird watching and underwater photography of some of the best areas of coral reefs and marine life in South Florida.

Again, I would like to point out that this was just an overview of some of the impressive parks that can be seen in our national park system. I invite you to dig into our site,, and read some of the park sites for the areas you are interested in, to find the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful holiday full of memories and remarkable photo. Much research has been done for you, so go ahead! With national parks, your choices are endless.

Corie Marks